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Vail, Colorado, United States

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The Vail Ski Resort is the second largest ski mountin in North America, so you can imagine the joy on Felicia's face when she found out thats where we were headed.  We arrived on a Wednesday, on a cold December day. The mountain is absolutely gorgeous, a nice layer of fresh snow has just blanketed the whole area. Felicia could not wait to hit the ski runs.


When we first arrived, and checked into the resort we immediately found ourself engulfed by the atmosphere of the town. We went downstairs and walked around the town and settled down into a local pub. We had arrived late so we figured we would take this day to do our "touristy" stuff and hit the slopes the next day.


Vail is a great place filled with great people who immediately made us feel welcome and warm, even in the below freezing weather. The mountain itself made this trip one of our favorites. The Vail mountain rises to 11,570 feet and has over 5,000 acres of skiable area. It also has 33 ski lifts, 193 marked skiing trails and seven back bowls. This makes Vail one of the places you want to spend more than one day on. Especially if you are looking to spend most of your day on the slopes.

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